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Serbia, Nis

Design Rush Accredited Agency
Center of the Nis

Serbia, Nis

Frequently Asked Questions

What are your main focus areas

We are Web Design and Development agency, we create top-notch websites using Figma and Webflow but also anything else that's required to have a full experience. (Custom Coding, Lottie, Video Editing, SEO Optimisation, Page Speed Optimisation, Copy writing...)

Is Webflow better than Wordpress

WordPress plugins increase functionality, but they also introduce extra code, which inevitably makes your website load slower. Webflow omits all of that, allowing you to power your website with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript that is as clear and useful as you can make it.

Webflow's main advantage is user-friendly interface that allows anyone to easily do a simple changes to their website.

It all comes down to what you need, specifically.
Webflow is without a doubt the greatest option for anyone that need web design and/or want a completely customisable site.

How long does it take to build Webflow website

Developing with Webflow is 3 - 4 times faster then manual coding. Simple one page landing page can take just few days, bigger projects usually range between 2 - 8 weeks.

How much does Webflow website cost

You can use our project price calculator to get estimation about the price, after you submit your project details we will prepare more detailed proposal for you.
Good to know is that our development projects start at $2,000 and Design & Development projects at $3,000.

Do you use WordPress

No, we are Webflow exclusive agency and we are 100% focused on Webflow.

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