How to improve Webflow Website SEO

Get your website ranked higher on Google in 7 simple steps!

Aleksa M.
Aleksa M.
How to improve Webflow Website SEO

Before giving you the 7 simple steps to rank higher on Google, we need to explain what
SEO is and then discuss the significance of it for your Webflow website. Your website's
search engine ranking is influenced by an array of things, namely:

  • Site structure and design
  • Backlinks
  • The quality of content and relevancy
  • Keyword selection
  • Page speed
  • User experience

These constitute just a few examples of the numerous variables that go into SEO; every
detail is doable if you are equipped with the "know-how".

If you want to be confident in your understanding of how to attract visitors to your
, then you ought to apply this article as a guideline.

The most effective SEO practices are not as complicated to implement as others may
believe. All you need to do is adhere to the fundamentals, which might be the distinction
between stagnating and thriving.

So, what is SEO?

Search engine optimization, or SEO, means that a website's ability to attract visitors
from Google and other search engines needs to be improved in order to rank well
and perform better. This can be done by keeping your page relevant while applying
keywords, links, etc.
to drive organic traffic to your website and raise its visibility online.

This can be done by preserving the relevance of your page and utilizing keywords
and links to bring organic traffic to your website and increase its visibility online.

How do you improve your Webflow website’s SEO?

To improve SEO on your Webflow website, you need to know how Google's algorithm
works. In short, the Google robot scans the text and structure of your website and, using
the data gleaned from it determines where to place you on its pages. The site's structure

must be as clear and simple to read as possible for Google to be able to understand it

Here are some topics we’ll be covering:

• Minify your code.
• Headings
• Meta title and meta description
• Image alt text
• Content labels
• Adding a language code
• Using Google Lighthouse

Minify your code.

Minifying code removes the comments, extra spaces, line breaks, and other non-essential
elements from the source code so that Google can read it faster. By reducing the number
of characters in your code and making it lighter, you can make CSS and JS that Google
can read faster. Minify CSS and Minify JS are located under project advanced

For project advanced settings go to:
Settings -> Publishing -> Advanced publishing options.

Remember to consider this factor if you want your website to rank highly and attract
visitors. The longer it takes to read and load a file, the less favorable the user experience
will be, and a considerable number of individuals are likely to leave your site before the
page has even loaded.


The writing on your website should be user-friendly, easily legible, more accessible, and
simple to follow. This is how your website should be organized and directed:

Heading hierarchy sorts your content according to its importance.
H1: This is the most crucial.
H6: The least important text.

• Only one H1 heading should appear on each page. The second-most crucial heading is
H2, and one of these is typically used for each section.

When using headings on your website, structure and readability are essential. Once more,
this is a crucial SEO technique; the more efficiently organized the content is, the better.

Meta Title and Meta Description

They aid search engines in analyzing a page's content. Whenever a page appears in
search engine results, its title tag and meta description are often displayed.

Within the meta title and meta description, you should write text that’s visible on Google
search results. The meta title should be between 80 and 96 characters long, and the
meta description between 120 and 140. Anything less or more than the recommendation
may negatively impact your SEO.

Image alt text

Google robots cannot see what is in the image you uploaded; for this reason, adding
alt text that describes what is in the picture is essential. For example, if an image is just
decorative, select the option decorative.

It is also important to mention that alt text helps with screen-reading tools for the
visually impaired.
This allows for better rankings and a broad number of visitors to your

Content labels

You can add a label for specific elements like sections, headers, articles, etc. Make sure to
add relevant labels to your content; this helps Google understand wha's in that

Content labels are crucial to conveying a message better. Not only do labels help Google,
but they also help visitors to your website.

Add language code

Under the project settings, you have the discretion to add the language code that sets your
site’s language code to allow browsers, translation apps, and other tools to perform
language-sensitive tasks.

Language code list:

When doing this, though, exercise extreme caution, as putting the wrong language code
can show your visitors the wrong language version of your website. Remember that you

can configure your website to meet different language codes for international visitors. This
will ensure there’s clarity when search engines are used and for whom they’re meant.

Use Google Lighthouse

The best way to test your SEO is to run the Google Lighthouse Test, and you will get a
list of items to improve.

Google Lighthouse offers a concise online overview of the website's performance and
where it needs improvement. This great tool is the most effective for SEO performance,
and you’ll know what to improve on your site for better ranking.


Improved search engine exposure, which in turn increases traffic to your website, is the
ultimate goal of an SEO-optimized website. You have a good possibility of converting
website visitors into customers when they click through to your site.

Deep research, keywords, and backlinks are additional components of search engine
optimization, but remember to follow the above-mentioned 7 simple steps to help
improve Webflow website SEO for better ranking.

For more advanced SEO help, please feel free to contact us or any SEO Experts.